Welcome to the Chase Trails Website

Chase Trails is a local volunteer group set up over 10 years ago in partnership with the Forestry Commission to build and maintain the mountain bike trails on Cannock Chase, in Staffordshire, England.

Cannock Chase is home to the award winning and highly popular Follow the Dog and Monkey Trail mountain bike trails, as well as Stile Cop’s downhill trails. A combination of hand built and contractor built trails, it has taken well over 25,000 man hours from volunteers to build the trails – that’s about 3 solid years of work, with no sleep!

Without your help, the mountain bike trails simply cannot exist. Come along and help – we work on new and existing trails every Sunday at 10am, meeting outside Swinnerton Cycles at Birches Valley. We also meet monthly to work on the downhill trails at Stile Cop.

All volunteers get a free day parking pass – come and help out in the morning, and ride in the afternoon for free!