Monkeying Around

30 June, 2009 at 21:00

Thursday nights during the summer have traditionally been ‘trail planning’ nights but with the amount of planning we have needed to do for ‘Phase 2’ this has expanded to Tuesday nights as well. Last night Andrew and myself were ‘monkeying around’ planning out the trail for our next Big Build Day. There were a surprising large number of riders up there given the heavy rain during the day. Apologies to anyone who was distracted by my monkey noises, I think I may have contributed to at least two ‘incidents’!

Lacking foresight we normally decide to call it a night when it starts to go dark. Without lights this can often cause the ride home to be ‘eventful’. Last night, once out of the trees it was still reasonably light and the ride home passed without incident. We’ll be up there again on Thursday so try not to be disturbed if you hear monkey noises echoing around in the trees.