Trail Building 21st June 2009 – Wrong turns and changing minds.

22 June, 2009 at 12:15

Rob wanted us to show up early today as he wanted to share some things with us … when i arrived i was faced with a small stage that had been cobbled together using some old trail sign posts and four chairs set out in a line facing the stage … Now we all know Rob is a little excentric (and we love him for that) but was this going a little too far?! Fortunatley our fears were put to rest when he pulled out a piece of paper and started to explain some points from a meeting he had with the Forestry Commission – thank the god of Cannock Chase!

Dave, Petra, Charlotte and Jessica (‘The Clan’) arrived closely followed by Jez, Frank and Steph. We loaded up the trailer with tools and headed over to where we were working last week. On the way, Martin turned right instead of left, but that didn’t matter – it meant more time riding in the landy off road! At the top, Alex was waiting with the post knocker – how he got his car up there is a mystery – mind you Alex somehow gets himself into all sorts of places!

Some of us trimmed and tweaked the trail to make it good and some wheeled a few barrows to build up the surface in places. We all had the pleasure of knocking some posts into the ground for some technical woodwork that is going in. With Mum and Dad watching with amusement, Charlotte and Jessica attempted to lift the post knocker – but struggled somewhat!

Jay arrived eventually! He certainly made up for the time he missed in effort and looked like he’d used up what energy reserves he had left from his ride in the morning.

We debated over how to handle a tiny little detail – a small gulley – not the biggest thing in the world but important to get right or it could eat the trail away! Last week we opted on a couple of planks and brought the materials with us to do that, but after a little influence from Andy today, we chose to install a step instead. Once the step was installed and the surfacing tweaked, we questioned our decision … but then came up with a solution! It was nearly 2pm so we will leave it for next time. One more week on this section and we should be ready to install the timber work construction!

By the time we had unloaded the trailer, our energy levels were a little low – but we had the draw of a post building ride! Rob loaded up on Jelly Babies and then Jez, Rob and myself set off – the plan being that we would ride FtD and do a bit of exploring for an alteration to Follow The Dog (not telling you where yet!). After a few Bramble scrapes and nettle stings, some random ups and downs, the odd comedic dismount by Jez and riding what we had already ridden, we finished off with a sweet run back to Birches Valley, although we managed to lose Rob … he changed his mind and turned right instead of left!
Fab Day!