A Tail of Two Dogs (Trail Building Sunday 26th July)

26 July, 2009 at 16:25

Today started out very wet. This did gave me the chance to check out the level of grip on the new rocks and bridge on the ride over to trail building, the grip was surprisingly good even with heavily worn tyres. Andrew had had the same idea and arrived at Birches Valley just before me. We were soon joined by Dave, Petra, Jess & Charlotte, Bruce, Jez, Ian, and finally Dale and Josh. We headed over to work on the new climbing end to the monkey and rebuilt a short section of trail that hadn’t turned out exactly as we had planned. We transformed a straight gully into a nice piece of curvy benchcut singletrack. Only a minor alteration but the result is 100% better.

The rain didn’t last for long and as soon as it stopped, as if by magic Alex appeared from the undergrowth (fortunately the rain didn’t return). Soon after Gary arrived with Jack Russell Zak and new pup ‘Phase 2’ (Max). For anyone that doesn’t know the story, way back in the early day of Chase Trails, whilst planning the trails Gary and Stu would sometimes just follow Zak and hence the name ‘Follow the Dog’. Unfortunately Max doesn’t seem to have quite the same nose for trail design yet and spends most of his time running round in circles! I tried for ages to get this picture of Zak and Max, I missed the one time they gave me the perfect pose. Never work with children, animals or trail builders!

Seeing Gary gave us the chance to catch up and generally discuss current progress and plans for the next few months. Fortunately while we were chatting the majority of the crew kept working and we were soon finished and heading back to Birches. As I left Andrew and Ian were contemplating whether to head out for a ride…