Above and beyond the call of duty – or sheer stupidity?

16 July, 2009 at 21:00

Sitting at my computer on Monday afternoon, an email drops into my inbox – it’s Rob asking if anyone was up for a spot of trail planning that Thursday evening. The plan was to have another look at the link between FtD and Phase 2 ready for the next Big Build Day (16th August in case you didn’t know). A couple of hours soaking up the last few rays of evening sunshine whilst wondering around the hillside above Marquis Drive – yes, I thought, I’m up for that.

Thursday evening comes around and it’s a tad moist to say the least. Martin rings me to see if I’m still coming out to play – yes, I foolishly said. He suggested wellingtons, along with the full waterproofs I’d already dug out of the cupboard.

There we were, sitting in Martin’s Landrover waiting for any other foolhardy souls to turn up. Guess what? No one did. Rob had got lost and ended up in the pub (I’m led to believe) and Alex is very rarely seen out in the rain (and if he is, he’s usually moaning like hell).

So after summoning up the courage, we squelched our way up and had a look at Hugh Clixby’s handiwork on Lower Cliff. (Hugh for those who don’t know is the contractor who is building a good portion of Phase 2). This should be a wicked end to the Phase 2 loop – fast and flowing with a few rollers to add airtime …. mint!

We then turned our attention to the job in hand and spent an hour or so ripping our hands to shreds clearing bracken from the planned route and tweaking the odd corner. We finally gave up as the light faded …. a memorable summer’s evening on the Chase!

Now, how’s that for dedication ….. no, come to think of it, I reckon we both need our bumps feeling! [Easy! Ed]