Finding the source of the Severn

6 July, 2009 at 16:55

I arrived at base on time today … amazing! … then we waited as only Rob had keys … he was apparently about somewhere in the car park handing out raffle tickets or something … and no i didn’t get an email!

Bruce is back on wheels which is great news. He’s less hobbly now and seems to have far more control on his general direction of travel!

While sections are closed it is a great opportunity to do some re-surfacing and tweaking to get the trail into condition. As we were working on Section 6 today, we only needed to load up the wheelbarrows with what we needed and walk round.

The main aim today was to sort out the strangely bouncy trail surface a few metres after the new bridge … simply a case of digging out the soil to find better substrate and then surface it using the handy pile of material Uncle Bob had kindly left for us … except it turned into a hunt for the source of the River Severn! Digging through the mass of roots and soft wet black soil left a huge hole – so deep we hit the water table … and now it needed filling! Despite offers from Dave and Petra to use their kids to fill the hole left and general objections from Rob’s direction, Jay and Peter went mining for big stones and rocks and came back with two barrow loads!

Once filled, the resurfacing began in earnest and before long we had a nice bit of trail, ready to be whackered in a few weeks after the trail has bedded in. The material we used is a little different than normal, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to go off. The rain will help bind it all together but then we need the sun to bake it hard… here’s hoping the next few weeks will be kind.

After completing this part of section 6, we moved further down the trail to sort out some very uneven corners and water catching holes. The odd rolling reverse gradient and a slightly banked corner was built. It turned into a gorgeous day on the chase, and by 1pm we were finished which meant everyone could go and enjoy the rest of the day.

See you all next Sunday at the Big Build Day! (10am, Swinnertons Cycle Forest Centre).