Loitering With Intent

5 July, 2009 at 15:28

Sunday morning started early this week (I have a long way to travel to get to the Chase! – [All 3 inches! – Ed]) The plan for this morning was to put an ‘out of order notice’ on the parking machines and collect everyone’s parking money in the Chase Trails donations tin. No, I’m only joking… but that actually sounds like quite a good plan.

The real plan was to spend some time in the Birches Valley car park handing out flyer’s for next weeks Big Build Day and generally chatting to mtb’ers about Trail building, Chase Trails and Phase 2. Everyone seemed really interested and hopefully at least a few will come trail building in the future. Also bumped into a large number of Grimey Lymies looking well turned out as always in their great club kit.

As 10am approached the rest of the crew started to appear (maybe they didn’t read the email inviting them to keep me company in the car park, or maybe they did!) and we got ready to go and do some maintenance on section 6. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I jumped at the chance to put some Big Build Day posters up around ‘Follow the Dog’ (ride a bike and play with a staple gun, what could be better!) before eventually arriving at section 6 to do some real work…