Bank Holiday Madness Part 2 (Trail Building 30th August)

30 August, 2009 at 19:00

Cliffs, Trees and Logs written by Charlotte

Today we Trail Builders were brashing off the Lower Cliff section of Phase Two due to a motorbike rider who cleverly found a way in to the section. This time it was not all of the usual team as Alex, Ian and Andrew were away, so it was just Rob, Martin, Bruce, Frank, Steph, Dominique, Jez, Dave, Petra, Jess and I who arrived. Dave, Jez, Petra, Jess and I carefully made our way up the wrong way of the section (oops) and met everyone else at the top that had piled into the two land rovers. Rob, Jez, Dave, Steph, Jess, Petra and I was to knock a round of wood on each side of the trail and leave a half round lying in the middle of them all the way down the trail. Dominique came down the trail putting lovely blue netting up across it as well. Frank and Bruce were nailing the half rounds that we had put down to the wooden poles we had knocked in (so if anyone managed to get through the brash the rounds and half rounds would soon put them off).

Martin was busy with his chain saw cutting pine tree’s trunks to make our resting area a place not only to rest but to look at the lovely view and also eat his/her lunch. Not long after we started Rob and me decided to see what everybody else was up to, when we got up the top we found Martin busy with his work, we had a chat and left Martin to carry on with his work we started to walk down the climb and met two men who had shown up to get involved with Trail Building, after we had inspected the trail we went back up to look at how Martin was doing. He had found a big log that was too heavy to move so me and Rob got everyone else up to help (muscle or no muscle).

Unfortunately I was not allowed to help as I am only 10 years old (and there was only one camera because Jess was taking the pictures), so as it started raining I soon hid under a bush and watched.

Soon the log was pulled up and in place and we set off either home or back to Birches, and we all (well not everyone) looked forward to a cup of tea.

Charlotte (aged 10)