Tweaking and Tidying – Trail Building 23rd August

24 August, 2009 at 13:32

The devil is in the detail – This is a phrase that you may have heard before, but it is a phrase that is so true.

Even when building trails, the details make it the difference and bring the whole trail work and bring it all together. For example, trimming trail edges away to prevent water building up, shaping the trail surface to prevent water running along the trail or even nailing direction signs onto posts.

Today’s trail building saw lots of detail!

Most of today’s crew went off to permanently close the Monkey and start integrating the new into the old trails. LOTS of surface material was barrowed today – nearly a whole 1 ton pile! Lots of tweaks, and shaping ensued – and Alex whackered it all (after it was pointed out that he needed to turn the fuel on!). Reports from various sources informed me that Rob (who had a bit of a heavy night) wandered around … !

Martin and I headed off to section 12 to open it. This doesn’t just involve cutting a bit of tape with scissors and declaring it ‘open’ – we had to inspect it, de-brash it, remove fencing, remove diversion signs. We then moved to Section 11 to add some new direction and information signs.

Then we headed to Section 7 where most of the detail work was done. The new ending still isn’t ready – more sun is required to bake it!

We installed new signage, re-located a sign post, completed the low fence. We installed a new diversion before the new end so that we could open one of Follow The Dog’s Highlights; The Boardwalk! The section was then inspected and given an all clear and the fencing at the start removed!

A good day of trail building that didn’t seem much, but a lot got done – time for a well deserved ride. Rob, Alex, Andrew, Bruce and Myself had a bite to eat and ventured off into the afternoon sun …