A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (Trail Building Sunday 27th September)

27 September, 2009 at 21:00

A good turnout today boosted by new volunteers Dominic, Paul & Andy. Ian was absent but I’m sure he would have a good excuses? As the majority were clean fit and sober the plan was to return to Rainbow Valley and continue working on building rock features on the Monkey Trail.

Andrew, Petra, Charlotte (now aged 11!), Jess (still 9) and myself had a few bits of planning left over from increasingly dark Thursday nights to finish so headed off armed with marker tape, inclinometer and saws. After finishing our first section it seemed a convenient point to stop for lunch so we sat and enjoyed a picnic whilst we thought about the rest of the crew toiling away with all those heavy rocks!

After lunch we moved on to tape a section of trail that is due to be thinned. Here we marked the trail to make it more visible to contractor and also marked key trees that are ‘pinning’ or ‘anchoring’ the trail so that they won’t get felled. Once we were done (and out of tape) we walked along the top of Rainbow Hill to see what progress the rock shifters had made.

Work today had been on a new feature on the ‘red’ and by the time we arrived they were nearly done. It looked really good and perfect as a red grade feature. Charlotte and Jess swept the rocks to make them look nice before Frank recovered them in gravel to allow the rain to wash it into all the gaps. Building the rock features is time consuming but is really enjoyable and I’m sure will be worth all the effort.

Don’t forget it’s a Big build day next week, Sunday 4th October, Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre 10am.