Points Of View

17 September, 2009 at 17:00

After a brief chat and cup of coffee in the FC office Martin and myself set about the important business of creating a bench and bike rack for the viewpoint on the (as yet un-opened) Lower Cliff section of Phase 2. Seeing as there was only two of us we seemed to take a lot of tools but at least we wouldn’t suddenly realise we were missing something, would we?

The first job was creating the bike rack by simply cutting wheel sized slots in a big log. One slight problem, no bike to check the spacing! After a quick phone call to Swinnertons and a conversation about tyre widths and the current fashion for wide bars we can to the conclusion that five slots would be ‘about right’. Martin cut the slots and I pryed them out with an iron bar. Lets hope they are the right size!

Next up was a bench. We could have simply skinned the top off a log and left it at that but with Martin’s woodworking skills and more importantly chainsaw this was going to be a ‘proper job’. Logs were dug into the ground to support the base and back, a log was spilt to create two flat surfaces, scolopes were scooped to create nice joints and then the whole thing was bolted together.

We weren’t quite finished by lunchtime so we had to have lunch on a skinned log but at the end of the day we sat back on our new bench and enjoyed the view. It’s amazing how satisfying creating something like this using just a few basis tools (and a chainsaw) can be.