A Bridge To Beaudesert (Trail Building Sunday 11th October)

11 October, 2009 at 18:40

Despite a rather grey and marginally damp start we had a good turn out and would like to welcome Sally and Alex to their first building session. Bit confusing with two Alex’s and Alex No2 may have wondered why so many people he had not met before were talking about him wearing lycra, but he soon realised he didn’t need to worry as it wasn’t him we were discussing! The grey day didn’t dampen our spirits and everyone was in a good mood, some were even humming and all of us were looking forward to working on the end of section H Phase II.

Realising that he would be building a log bridge today Martin set about recruiting some muscle and made a bee line for Jez! After his successful show of strength whilst relieving Alex of rock duty a few weeks prior, Jez seemed a natural choice and Martin sold it to him by saying he could use the big lump hammer to hit things! Next Dave was recruited, although unfortunately due to injuries from a crash he was unable to hammer he did a sterling job digging and moving logs. He was also the brave man holding the posts in place for Jez to hammer – rather you than me mate!!

Meanwhile slightly further back barrow loads of good earth were being conveyored in and our thanks goes to Tony, Steve, Bruce, Alex and Frank for supplying a steady stream for us to whack. We progressed well down the trail and were all chatty talking about riding and trails, Alex and Sally were asking where else we had been building and we discussed the problem of keeping the numpties off the new trails until they had settled and between us came up with some rather interesting suggestions…..

firstly we discussed burying Charlotte and Jessica in the trails up to their necks to scare off any potential riders, although Petra didn’t seem to mind we decided that it would take quite a while to dig a suitable hole. Petra suggesting pinning Charlotte to a cross at the entrance but for some reason Charlotte didn’t seem too keen? I suggested burying a skull in the ground and having two cats’ eyes in it, might freak people on a night ride, Petra suggested this could be accompanied by paper skeletons hanging from the trees which could of course be laminated to enable them to withstand the weather. Alex then came up with the piece de resistance of burying a few cats in the trails up to their neck and the high pitched meow and hissing should ward off even the most hardy rider?!

Thanks to everyone’s hard work we managed to complete the trail up to the log bridge and as if signalling the end of building it began to rain! As we packed up Alex and Alex headed off to check the other trails and photo name and shame any numpties they found. Jez and Dave kitted up to head out for a ride, whilst the rest of us headed back to Swinnerton’s to celebrate a successful day with a well earned cup of coffee.

See you all again next week.
Lei x