Absinthe Is The Root Of All Evil (Trail Building Sunday 25th October)

25 October, 2009 at 22:00

This morning started very early for Charlotte, Jessica, David and myself. The girls and I were booked to go on a rutting walk to see the fallow deer and had to meet at Birches Valley at 6.00 a.m. David, unfortunately, had drawn the short straw and was ‘on call’ so he had the tedious task of waiting at the car for us. As it started to get light we were walking into the woods and saw lots of fallow deer, they were making very loud grunting noises and we did see two deer fighting with their antlers. The girls found this walk fascinating.

We arrived back at Birches Valley around 8.00 a.m. and found Jez all kitted up for a ride before trail building. As we ate our toast and had a drink Ian also turned up ready for a quick blast on his bike before building.

Later Martin arrived in his Landrover closely followed by Andrew, Bruce, Frank, Steph, Alan, Sally and Lei, tools were loaded and a discussion took place as to where we were going to work.

Andrew and Ian went to do some work on ‘Deerskull’ and the rest of us went back to work on the sandy trail that precedes the ‘Absinthe trail’ which we had started last week. As we were digging the trail we unearthed quite a few evil routes so the ‘muscle’ Bruce, Jez and Lei (in training) used mattocks to remove some of the roots.

Frank and Steph dug holes for posts to be used for holding the trail surface on entry to the bridge. After this Jez was made to ‘walk the plank’ across the bridge with the wheel barrow full of tools and then everyone else had to follow.

We went to the end of the ‘Absinthe trail’ to put in a log step for the exit out onto the fire road.

This done everyone packed away and headed for Birches Valley except for Jez, Lei and Sally who had headed up the next part of the trail to take a look.