Skulduggery on ‘Deerskull’ (Trail Building Sunday 25th October)

25 October, 2009 at 23:00

Whilst the others were building sand castles, Ian and myself headed off to fettle ‘Deerskull’. For those that can remember the lovely warm Spring, it was the trail we built on the Big Build Day back in April (you can read about on Missus Toast’s blog). Test riding the trail had shown a number of problems. The main one was the first corner into the dense trees did not work – the two trees on the inside of the bend were throwing riders out wide and heading straight towards another tree. Being well prepared, we only had one short folding saw between us – while I hacked at the trunks, Ian lent against them so with our combined efforts the two trees didn’t stand a chance. Now the corner looks like it will flow smoothly into the rest of the trail.

Next we tweaked the short climb after an evil root – being a red grade trail, it seems a shame to remove the root so for the moment it stays. A rotten root was removed and the slope of the climb reduced.

Another problem was a step part way down the compression with its landing at the bottom of the slope – not ideal. As the entrance to the compression was on a slight climb, we decided to lose the step totally – don’t worry there’s a tricky diagonal one further down the trail to maintain a technical element.

Recent rain had hi-lighted the areas of trail where water was collecting thus requiring improved drainage, so to finish our morning’s work we tidied up some sections of the trail out slope. For the technically minded, have a look at Ian’s Trail Tech guide to bench cutting.

To allow these reworked sections time to settle, we wrapped up by rebrashing the whole trail – so please steer clear and leave it to slumber in peace.