Bridge To Nowhere (Trail Building Sunday 29th November)

30 November, 2009 at 17:11

As time is matching on, we need to get cracking on the timber work that will cross the swamp at the bottom of Rainbow Valley. I’d already sketched out a design so last week a small group headed over there to make a start. After looking at the site and mulling over the design, we tweaked it slightly but I reckon it will still provide a techie start to the climb out of the valley.

Rain made cutting timber hard work but we temporarily erected the first few spans of the bridge to get a feel for it. It may not be as high as the black boardwalk as Llandegla, but it could give vertigo suffers a few scary moments! We’ll be completing the frame work over the next few weeks and then deck it at a later date.

This week, Dave and I armed ourselves with cordless drills and enough fixings to start a small ironmongers then headed back to the bridge, Our mission was to replace the temporary screws with proper fixings – all thread and coach bolts. After a couple of hours sliding around in the mud, the job was a good ‘un before more pressing needs meant we headed back to join the rest.