Holes & Rocks – Trail Building Sunday 8th November

8 November, 2009 at 22:00

As there were no junior trail builders around this week – they were off being Guides and Brownies, and with the favourable weather conditions, rock shifting was the order of the day. So to this end, the Landies were loaded up with tools and bodies and off to the Monkey we headed.

Phil and myself had some rather pressing maintenance to do on the Dog. Whilst shredding the trails the day before, Bruce discovered a hole on the blue chicken run around the original boardwalk. The recent wet weather had caused subsidence around the drainage pipe under the trail. Now, ideally a short length of pipe would have made a perfect repair but after a good ferret around the yard we drew a blank. With some improvisation, we came up with a fitting solution. Now, those without the confidence to tackle the boardwalk can take the diversion without the fear of ending up in Oz.

We then headed off to join the others grafting on Phase 2. Work was well underway on a short descent of the “Red Monkey” . It was being rock armoured to make a durable trail and give it an exciting technical edge. The guys had started with a hernia inducing large rock at the bottom of the slope to act as an anchor and then worked upwards selecting suitable shaped rocks to fit into the jigsaw. To finish, a couple of larger rocks were positioned either side of the entry to the section. The right hand one is quietly waiting there ready to jump out and rip the rear mech off an unsuspecting rider’s mount.

The finished result looks much better in the flesh than in these photos – and far steeper!

Whilst the one group were humping the rocks around, another group made a start on a new corner on the “Black Monkey”. This will be a steep tight rocky lefthander dropping down the hill about 3 metres (10 feet for us oldies). We needed to take out a couple of trees blocking the flow of the corner and hack out their stumps. Unfortunately the FC won’t let us use dynamite so deft use of a mattock and brute force did the trick. The rooty top surface needed clearing away and a rotten stump removed before we started to shape the corner. As it will be rock armoured, we were only interested in getting the general shape sorted.

Remember, it’s Big Build Day this coming weekend so if you’re around, please come and lend a hand – even if it’s only for a couple of hours.