The Mad Hatter (Big Build Day Sunday 15th November)

15 November, 2009 at 17:00

With promises of floods and tornadoes and general meteorological cataclysm we had thought that Sunday’s Big Build day wouldn’t be that well attended. How wrong were we? With over a hundred cups of tea and fifty hot jacket potatoes served for lunch and a few people opting for the “Just cake” option, we’ve got to say that the turnout was excellent!

We began the day, as normal, with a quick word on the safe use of tools before heading up to the trail, “H”, to get cracking on the monster that’s consumed two big build days already. After leading the way to the end of one of the sections and asking people to “Follow the yellow flags until you hit trail that’s already been built, and space yourself out” I got a big shock when I could see people only a short way in stopping and starting to dig. Our volunteers had reached all the way from the fireroad crossing to where we left off on the last big build, not an inconsiderable distance!

With lots of digging, a few monster stumps removed and some trees ‘moved’, a ribbon of freshly benchcut trail had emerged under the feet of our volunteers. We broke for lunch and the raffle (featuring brand new Chase Trails T Shirts). After enjoying Sharon and Dale’s excellent baked spuds and chilli nearly everyone went back to the trail to chew through more trail. So many in fact that we crossed the fireroad and got to work on the next section of “H”!

By 4pm, and with that nearly done, we called it a day having built a huge amount of trail. Top effort from everyone and a big thanks to everyone who came along to help.

We want to open Phase 2 at Easter 2010, and with a few more days like today, we’ll be well set for it.


The Junior Trailbuilders

The junior trail builders were having so much fun on big build day because they were making dens! Charlotte, Bethany, Josh, and I were making a den at the end of absinth trail in the trees out of pine needles. Abby and Joe were making a den out of mud at first then afterwards planted mini trees!(sticks).

Rob came to look at our den but Alex was sneaking in the trees to get to Josh. then it was time for lunch with spuds and biscuits thanks to Sharon and dale. Soon it was time to go and we packed up. We hope to see everyone on the next big build day which is the 3rd of January.