Trail Trashers (Trail Building Sunday 22nd November)

22 November, 2009 at 22:00

On Sunday we worked on the Monkey. The junior trail builders, Jess and I, (as none of the other juniors were there) and our mum, Petra, tweaked the Red Monkey. We were soon accompanied by a passing biker who wished to help us. We had to get rid of a gulley and block off a turning that isn’t part of the trail any more. By that time the rider had gone to do some more riding. Mum, Jess and I decided to trash the bit of trail that we had had to block as we remembered that some riders remove the brash and ride it even though it’s closed. So we got the mattock, croc, spade and rake and decommissioned the blocked off trail and we put a massive log or two just to make sure.

After that we went to check on the guys doing the wood work and unfortunately for Andrew, who had designed the new bridge, his helpers Gary and Stu (and Zac and Max, who had gone barking mad as Andrew said) had deserted him. The bridge was coming on nicely and Andrew came up with us to see what we had accomplished. Then we went to check on the rock moving and we watched for some time and we were entertained by Jessica and Alex. Alex started the fight by trying to rub mud from his gloves all over Jess’s face.

Back at the compound Alex and Jess were conjuring up another fight and this time Alex managed to get mud all over Jess’s little face. She looked like she’d just come out the trenches and was chasing Alex around the compound in order to get revenge on him!!!

By Charlotte