Great Lake Swimmers (Trail Building Sunday 6th December)

6 December, 2009 at 18:00

We had some maintenance work to do on section 15 this week so while Andrew and Dave went off to continue work on the ‘Gold Mine’ the rest of us went to re familiarise ourselves with Follow the Dog. The main job was dealing with some potholes that were developing. We had hoped that we could just drain the water and shallow off the edges but the surfacing quality was poor so we ended up resurfacing. As always newly laid surfacing needs time to settle so section 15 will be closed for a little while.

We were all looking forward to our mid morning baggin as we had mince pies left over from a BC Cycling course we hosted yesterday. Unfortunately the goodies were locked in the back of Martin’s Landy and he had gone walkabout. Luckily everyone except Alex had their own snacks so we all refueled whilst trying our best to make Alex feel hungry.

Without enough time to head over to ‘phase 2’ we decided to head to section 14 and do some ‘drainage work’ (playing in puddles!)

Ian soon appeared on bike with the excuse for being late that he ‘had looked everywhere for us’. Anyone remember Ian’s last excuse when he was cut up on a roundabout and ended up at CyB? At least he made up a good story that time! Ian was armed with Chocolate just to make Alex feel even more hungry. [Tasted good too ;)]

Given the amount of rain some of the puddles were pretty deep. I think we must have raised the level of Fairoak pools by a good couple of inches. I hope the fishermen had their waders on.

Finally we tackled the biggest puddle of them all at the end of section 13 before heading back to Birches for mince pie, bourbon biscuits and cups of tea.