The Big Thaw (Trailbuilding Sunday 17th January 2010 )

17 January, 2010 at 20:15

After the recent inclement weather, today brought us bright sunshine and a balmy 5 degrees. After pre work/post ride coffees were consumed we split into two groups. Martin, Ian, Jez and Phil headed off to inspect and administer repairs to the exceptionally muddy Dog whilst the rest of us headed to The Link to continue surfacing after the recent Big Build Day.

Petra, Sally and I tooled up and began our search for some good surface looking for the lovely orangey dirt. After a while Sally began to wonder if she had a knack for digging in just the wrong spot as the good surface seemed to be evading her but after perseverance she eventually found some. Bruce started the day with an axe to grind and put it to good use hacking out tree roots until Alex borrowed it pausing only to ask if it made him look more like an axe murderer?! We politely smiled and backed away slowly giving him a wide berth to pass! Meanwhile Dave, Alex, Dale, Stu and Steve began the woodwork to support the tight series of switchbacks towards the trail exit. Several posts were erected and supporting wood was put in place before the switchbacks were surfaced.

Dominic and Frank came to join us although we were sure it had more to do with the lure of jelly babies than helping us surface. We realised after a while we were being watched, two riders had stopped just below us. Petra sprang into action and put on her best recruitment speech and we soon had Phil and Tom joining us surfacing. We all did our best marketing speeches telling them all about Chase Trails and they will hopefully be coming over next Sunday to help us, see you at Swinnerton’s at 10am.

At 1pm the workers were rewarded with birthday cake courtesy of Sally – Happy Birthday Sally! This provided us with enough energy to continue for a while longer. We then paused to supervise Stu, Dale and then Alex test riding the steepness of the newly built switchback and once they were satisfied we collected up the tools and headed back feeling like a good day’s work had been done.

See you all next week

Lei x