Trail Pixies in the Valleys (Trail building Sunday 24th January)

24 January, 2010 at 22:00

Because of the amount and the type of work that is needed to get the trails ready to open it was decided that we split up into teams, we loaded up what was required and started work.

Martin & Jez set off to work on Lower cliff building a crossing to span the stream, the bearers and stringers were installed which now requires bolting together before the decking can be installed.

Andrew & I set off to continue the work in Rainbow valley on the bridge; we were putting a section of decking in place on the new bridge ready for the FC Engineer to Inspect. This is only decked in a small section Do Not Attempt to Ride.

Bruce, Alex, Dale, Josh, Petra, Charlotte, Jessica, Matthew, Dominick, Phil, Tom & Phil and anyone who I might have missed set off to continue the work on section “H” this required sculpting on some of the corners to make the trail flow more easily, the team also had the difficult job of armouring the trail (Especially when up hill and with no grip) to make it more sustainable.

While working we were surprised by the number of riders on the trail. Please read the notices and stay off. Beware that we are working on multiple sections and have young trail builder with us who may not hear a bike approaching.

Work continues every Sunday regardless of the weather, meet at swinno’s 10:00am

Please keep off the trails they need time to settle.