Upper Cliff and the RAF (Trail Building Monday 1st February)

1 February, 2010 at 22:00

Martin and I were joined today by a group of lads from the RAF, Martin had loaded the tools onto the trailer and we met by Old Beau Desert Car Park. We decided that it was too slippery to take the vehicles any closer to where we were going to work; Martin gave the safety talk on the use of the tools and we collected a tool or two and started the long climb up the trail to Upper Cliff.

Today we were going to make some alterations to the trail by removing the exit from the first Black section and then link the two black sections together to make one continuous Black section.

As we had pre marked out the trail we started to Bench cut, after a short time we could see that the trail was starting to take shape. Some of the lads had a little fun whilst removing an old rotten root, it appeared to be a little tougher than they had realised but eventually it was removed and then it was time for a spot of lunch and a chat.

After lunch we headed to section “H” where we were going to surface a section where the original surface is mostly made up of sand. This proved to be a lot of hard graft as there is no easy route to get the surfacing to the where it was needed.

Thanks Lads for all of the hard work, much appreciated.

These trails will need to harden off please no not ride, Phase 2 is closed.