Around the bend (Trail Building Friday 19th March)

19 March, 2010 at 22:00

While Bruce and Jez were have fun in the mud getting a job lot of wood up to the Red Monkey to build a crib wall, Dave, Martin and myself started tidying the climb out of Rainbow Valley. Firstly we refitted the bridge deck board that Dave had routed with “CYCLE ROUTE – NO PEDESTRIANS” and erected the “KLONDIKE BRIDGE” sign in front of the oak tree. I reckon Dave has done a cracking job – look out for more of his handiwork when the trail opens next month.

Now, with Jez being a big lad and riding a “man size” bike, he struggled to make some of the switchback turns during a test ride of the climb. Judging by the tyre marks on the banking around several corners, he was not the only one.

We spent most of the day, reshaping and wackering the switchbacks … I lost count at seven. They now look business – please don’t ride them whilst the surface settles.