Link Return (Trail Building Sunday 7th March)

7 March, 2010 at 22:00

Another good turn out this week saw us returning to the “link” to continue surfacing the top section of the trail. A nice big pile of material had been “JCB`d” into place at top of the hill ready for us to distribute by wheel barrow. Admittedly, it was a lot easier this week, as we were barrowing down the trail, but there was still a fair bit of effort put in to shift the large pile of material…..& every last bit was used. The weather had been kind too, which meant the surface went down dry & was easier to compact with the wacker.

Junior trail builders Jessica & Josh showed Jez how it was done with proper “man size” wheelbarrows this week too! Dave had another one of those “doesn’t really count” birthdays & provided various cakes for all to enjoy….cheers Dave.

We also had a couple of guys turn up from International Mountain bike Magazine to take piccy`s & get the low down for a possible feature in a future issue. Keep your eyes out in future issues:

We wrapped up with three of our crash test dummies giving the top section a quick test ride & judging by the grins, all appeared to go well.

Thanks to all that turned up again & remember, there s still plenty to keep us busy before the grand opening on the 17th April!!