Which Way Is Up (Trail Building Sunday 28th March)

28 March, 2010 at 21:00

Today the majority of the crew were working on Upper Cliff, some on the climb and some on the descent.

Martin and myself were planting more waymarkers around Five Ways much to the amusement to the hoards of Scouts and Guides passing on their return from Beaudesert.

Once we were done we headed to join the others and whacker the surfacing they had laid. We also tried the re-whacker some surfacing Martin laid last week but it had absorbed a lot of water and Dale’s rolling pin had to come to the rescue!

After returning to base and shutting up shop Andrew and myself returned to attache some waymarker tiles to the new posts.

Andrew has single handedly done this for all of the ‘Monkey Trail’ and they are looking great (expect a blog on his waymarking adventures soon!)