A Lovely Daaaaaaaaaa……. Trail Building – Sunday 11th April

12 April, 2010 at 11:50

One week to go!

In a mere seven days time, it will be the official launch of Phase II!

Today we had the usual crew, plus two new Faces – Myles and Jodie .. or was it Miles and Jody? …

We split into three teams today, Jez, Bruce Frank and Myself got to work on one corner on the link, Andrew and Martin headed off to do a few bits and bobs around the trail, and everyone else headed off to build a short link between two sections of trail.

On the link, we were faced with a stubborn corner … two previous attempts struggled, so the four us us beat it into submission with the whacker … third time lucky!

We ended up with a rather well sculpted corner … lets hope it holds up as it was very dry surface we put down!
Over on ‘B’, the gang were hard at work cutting into the hill side for the new trail.

Myles found out how stubborn roots can be … and how many there are!

But, persistence pays off!

The sun shone most of the day, the air was cool, but not too cold and the mood in the air was great. Something that draws me to trail building week after week is the atmosphere around the trail builders – It’s always fun, even when it’s raining, or snowing or grey and dull – there is always humour and a great deal of satisfaction at the end of the day.
A big thank you to Myles and Jodie for their assistance today, we hope to see you both again soon. And a big thank you to everyone else for making trailbuilding so much fun…