Not Taking It Easy (Trail Building Sunday 9th May 2010)

9 May, 2010 at 21:00

[Dave] Toady we split into two teams Martin and Andrew went to continue work on the larch bridge. Petra, charlotte, Jessica, Bruce, Jezz, Nigel and I continued working on rocks. The rocks in question are a Black option which used to be a part of the old monkey trail. We started work on this section a couple of weeks ago and we will probably need another couple of weeks as it is quite a big job especially with only four people man handling the rocks.

We continued with our picture less jigsaw to try and get the rocks into the right location to give a nice technical decent and to armour. We appeared to be out of rocks from our local pile so we would have to retrieve some from a pile further up the trail, we managed to move a few to our location and continue with the jigsaw. Thanks for the patients of the riders that stopped while we had to get some rocks over the trail.

The time was getting on our junior trail builders put material between the rocks and brushed the excess off to reveal how the trail feature looked.

With aching backs and a sense of achievement at the amount of work we had done we headed back to the yard for a well earned cup of coffee outside Swinnerton`s cycle centre.