Taking it easy

2 May, 2010 at 21:00

After the mad dash to get things finished for the launch, we’re taking things a little easier lately. We’ll be keeping an eye on the state of the trails but now we’ve had a bit of rain they should bed in nicely.

Last Sunday, we headed up to the original Monkey to shift a few more rocks onto the black option. The last but one berm was treated to a good selection of gritstone but more is needed to finish the job properly – watch this space …

Saturday, the trail crew headed back out west to Coed y Brenin for our Bank Holiday outing. A good day was had by all and it culminated in another trip to the chippy in Barmouth. Unfortunately the wet weather put pay to our sand castle competition so we settled down undercover filling our faces – fish, sausage, chips and freshly made donuts!

Sunday saw us splitting into teams – Bruce and Ian went to Upper Cliff, Andrew and Alan went to Lower Cliff, Martin went to look at his larch bridge while Petra, Jessica, Sally, Jezz, Dale and Dave went to carry on working on section ‘H’ that is due to be opened later in the year. The plan on ‘the Cliffs’ was to make a few urgent repairs where the trail surface was breaking up.

On section H, started back in October 2009, we were surfacing and sealing the surface with a wacker plate. Extreme Wheel barrowing the surface material into position can be very hard work, if you do see us working please feel free to stop give us a hand. Even 10 minutes will help. The other teams completed the work that they were doing and came to help with the surfacing.

The surface will require a lot more work before it is ready to ride so if you want to help, we meet outside Swinnerton`s Cycles at Birches Valley, 09:30 every Sunday. Come prepared to work outside.

Andrew & Dave