Daylight Rock Raid (Trail Building Sunday 4th July)

4 July, 2010 at 21:00

Whilst the rest of us headed up to the Black Monkey to continue our latest feature which we’d started last week, Pete, Martin and Steve hitched up a trailer and went off to liberate a load of smaller rocks so we could rock pitch the steps on the corner. See if you can spot where the rocks were taken from next time you’re out on the Dog – answers on a postcard ….

A big warm welcome to new volunteers Debbie and Harvey – thank you for coming along and lending a hand. They helped Petra, Charlotte and Jessica remove the slippery sand from the Red Monkey rocks and then made a sterling job of brushing a thick layer of pine needles off the Black Monkey. It’s been a long time since the original Monkey has seen regular traffic.

The new feature we’re working on is a bit of a mixed bag – a rock skinny leading into a stepped corner finishing with a berm to kick you round and off a rock step. Frank and Dave did a grand job of pitching the steps, big men Jez and Steve bashed in the wooden posts for the larch planks to support the berm, Bruce and Martin arranged three rocks to make the step whilst Nigel and Pete perfected their extreme barrowing technique bring rocks down from the trailer. The berm and last step need more work but the results so far look impressive.

It’s surprising how long it takes to build a rock feature that will take moments to ride – if you think the Red Monkey rocks are a little too tame, come and lend a hand to make the Black Monkey really rock!