Loose Boards (Trail Building Sunday 11th July)

11 July, 2010 at 21:00

The original plan was for us all to head up to the Black Monkey to continue with the crazy paving but Rob turned up with a copy of the monthly inspection report for “Follow the Dog” in hand. With the wood drying out, there were several loose deck boards on the Causeway Bridge and these needed sorting pretty quickly so we split into two teams. Charlotte, Jessica, Martin, Petra, Steve and I loaded up with drills, screws and the genny then headed to the bridge whilst the rest headed for Rainbow Valley. We also hitched up a trailer so we could retrieve a pile of redundant rocks – at £900 per tonne, they’re best put to good use and not left decorating the side of the trails.

The junior trailbuilders helped me erect the diversion signs then we closed the start of the Steg which leads down onto the bridge. Next, the extension leads were unravelled and I fired up the genny. Meanwhile, Martin and Steve had loaded up the trailer with rock so Martin headed over to the Monkey to give the others some more material to play with.

After a while, we got ourselves organised: I counterbored the planks, Steve drilled the holes, Charlotte and Jessica pushed the coachscrews into the holes and tapped them down with a lump hammer leaving Petra to screw them in. Thanks to the chap who stopped to lend Petra a hand – all help is greatly appreciated.

We continued until we ran out of screws so we’ll need to come back next week but all of the loose boards are now secure. Advanced warning to all Sunday morning riders – the Steg and bridge will be closed for a few hours.