Normal service resumes (Trailbuilding Sunday 1st August)

1 August, 2010 at 21:00

We’re a little late posting this but it was back to business as usual …. well, not totally as our first task was to clear the area for the Chase Trails display at September’s APF event. This is a trade show for all things forestry … from big tree chopping machines to woodcarving with chainsaws. We are there to show land owners that there are much more exciting things they can do with their land than just growing trees. A few months back, Alex had planned where the temporary trail was going but bracken now covered everything. So, armed with slashers and rakes, we beat the bracken into submission … now we can see the flags and markers on the trees. The plan is to build a short impressive freeride style display with boardwalk, jumps, wall rides and the like to wow the punters …. more news at that as work progresses.

Next on the list was a little tlc for Lower Cliff. Starting at the bottom, we worked our way up removing the worst of the braking bumps, sweeping away the loose marbles from the berms and hacking back the overgrown bracken and brambles. At least now you can ride without sliding off the trail or being lacerated by trail side vegetation.

There was no trail building last weekend because we were all off on our holidays! It was the “Chase Trails Summer Shenaniganry” in Scotland …. more on that in next post …