It’s starting to take shape… (Trailbuilding Sunday 5th September 2010)

9 September, 2010 at 15:58

If you’ve been out in the woods recently (riding around the Dog), you may have noticed that the timber work for the APF exhibition is starting to take shape. So far the start ramp, sky berm and North Shore framework are in place.

Last week, we moved the sky berm that Alex, Bob and Mick have been building onto site and started work on the end of the North Shore.

This Saturday, the DH lads (Alex, Bob, James and Mick) lifted the sky berm into place – it’s over 5’ up in the air! I’m glad it’s these guys that will be riding it.

Sunday saw Phil and new volunteer Joe clearing the area where our gazebo will be – right opposite the burger van I’m told … what more could we want? Alex, Bob and Bruce stayed back at base to build the remaining boxes for the dirt jump whilst the rest of us headed up to the site to continue with the North Shore. A few hours later we had the basic frame work in place when a trailer load of dirt jump boxes turned up. These were manhandled into place to complete our display.

Alex, Bob and Harry wanted to crack on and start decking the sky berm so we left them to it – after all, it was rapidly approaching ride o’clock.

Next weekend, we’ll be building the on and off ramps for the sky berm and start decking the ‘shore. Stop and have a chat if you want to know more.