The End is in Sight (Trailbuilding Sunday 12 September 2010)

12 September, 2010 at 21:00

This week we continued work on our APF display. Alex and Mick constructed the start ramp onto the sky berm. It wouldn’t look out of place covered in snow ready for a ski jump competition.

Liam and new volunteers Simon and Harry dug out the peaty top soil between the dirt jump boxes ready for a good thick layer of surfacing material.

The rest of us completed the North Shore section by joining the existing framework up with the end ramp. We’ve even made provision for a skinny down into our stand area – all we need is to make sure the riders don’t come flying through the back of the gazebo.

Whilst Jez and Martin cut the decking to size, Bruce, Nigel and Steve made a start on screwing it down. We’ve purposely left large gaps – they’re not for a gap jumps but to stop it being ridden before it is ready.

More of the same next Sunday – it’s the last one before the exhibition starts on Thursday 23rd …. now will we get it finished in time?