A Long but Productive Day (Trailbuilding Sunday 17th October)

18 October, 2010 at 17:00

After a phone call from one of the forestry guys during the week, we had three jobs on the cards – trail opening, fence building and continuing with the Black Monkey. Martin and Steve offered to help me with the first two jobs whilst the rest of the crew headed over to Rainbow Valley to continue work on “LSN”, as its now been christened.

Several sections of the Dog had been closed during the APF exhibition and more recently for tree thinning activities. The forestry operations were now over so it was high time to get these sections open again – two of the three had been opened on the Saturday but the final one needed a little more work. Martin dropped Steve and myself off at the end while he drove around to the start – the plan was to meet somewhere in the middle. We moved the brash off the trail and raked off the pine needles – in some places it was difficult to see where the trail went! I think Martin drew the short straw – he had a pile of logs to move as well. The trail now has taken on a different feel – it’s more open and airy – see what you think next time you ride it ….

After collecting up the diversion signs and fencing, we dropped these off at base and then headed over to the top of Lower Cliff for our next job – building a fence to deter the downhillers from making unofficial modifications to the trail. Alex and Phil joined us to assist in the brashing of the “wild” trail whilst we constructed the low fence. Maybe we need to add a few arrows to the fence rail – it seemed surprise a few riders seeing the new addition to the berm.

Having successfully completing our tasks, we return back to base to later find out that the rock crew had decided to forego their afternoon ride to finish their man sized rockery. Taking a small diversion on my way home to have a look, they’ve done a sterling job.