The New Railway Crossing Gates

28 October, 2010 at 17:19

The Forestry Commission and Network Rail wish to inform users of the Morse Gorse unmanned railway crossing of some recent changes including the introduction of an additional set of pedestrian gates.

The crossing now has a one way system in place in order to reduce the risk of users becoming trapped within the crossing when a train comes along the track. Users are asked to dismount from cycles and adhere to all signage. In particular users should use the left hand pedestrian gates when approaching the crossing and cross straight ahead in single file. Users are reminded that the crossing sees up to 68 trains per day, 7 days per week, travelling at speeds of 50 mph, this only gives around 9 seconds warning from when the trains blow their horns.

Users are also asked to be considerate of neighbours by not congregating outside houses and by keeping noise to a minimum especially because there may be young children and dogs present.