7 November, 2010 at 18:00
The Finishing Touches (Trail building Sunday 7th November)

Over the last few months, we’ve been adding black “extreme” grade TTFs (Technical Trail Features) to what was the original Monkey trail. “Le Singe Noir”, as it’s been christened will peel off the existing red grade trail just before the first set of rocks and work its way down the hill before climbing back up to rejoin the red just before the end of the section.

Two weeks ago we finished “The Qualifier” – a rock garden into the tight left hand berm immediately followed by a two foot drop off. It’s a case of if you can ride that feature then you should be able to cope with the rest of the section.

As we’d run out of sensible sized rocks to build the last TTF, this week Dave, Ian and Steve tried their hand at splitting the larger leftovers. With the aid of a SDS drill and chisel followed by careful use of a wedge, the results were very successful.

Nigel and Jez quickly put the split rocks to good use filling a gully with a series of steps.

Whilst all the grafting was going on, Bruce, Phil and myself erected a fence to separate the black from the red trails and Petra finished removing the thick layer of pine needles covering the trail …. it’s been some time since the trail was last ridden in anger.

It shouldn’t be long before the new trail is opened – it’s shortly due a sign off inspection. Other highlights of LSN to look forward to are “The Toboggan Run” and the “Rock Skinny” – we’ll have to name some of the others …. maybe “Oblivion” for the steep rock garden …..