We must be mad! (Trailbuilding – Sunday 28th November)

8 December, 2010 at 12:25
It was -6 degrees when Dave picked me up at 9:15 on Sunday morning – just a tad chilly!
The plan for today was to finish the snagging work on LSN and the larch bridge sections so we can get them signed off ready for opening.

Whilst the rest of our hardy team made extra wide posts for the grading signage IKEA style, Martin, Phil and I trundled off to the Steg with two loaded wheelbarrows. As the recent wet weather had left a slippery slime on the deck, we were going to sprinkle a sand and grit mix on the rocks and causeway bridge to improve grip. Martin swept the deck clear of snow and I spread the mix whilst Phil did the public relations bit and diverted riders around the bridge – sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We returned just in time to find the guys had finished their handiwork – it was time to weave our way around the Christmas tree shoppers and head out to Rainbow Valley.

While Bruce and Martin planted the new extra wide posts at the start on the black section and just before “Oblivion”, the rest of us headed for the end of LSN. We planted a couple of waymarker posts where LSN and the red trail remerge then worked our way along the trail checking for and removing low branches. Entertainment was provided courtesy of Ian keeping himself warm removing a rather stubborn stump in a fall zone.

After completing the snagging work on LSN to our satisfaction, we forewent an afternoon ride and decided to complete the snagging on the larch bridge section. A couple more waymarkers were erected and fall zones cleared on stumps and brash. With frozen fingers and toes, it was definitely time to call it a day!

As we can’t use road salt on the trails for environmental reasons, watch out for icy patches if you’re out riding in the current wintry conditions.