Dave’s New Toy (Trail Building – Sunday 23rd January)

23 January, 2011 at 17:00

This week, Dave demonstrated his artistic bent with a router by creating a striking design based on a chainring and our Chase Trails logo on a log off-cut. We intend to knock up a few of these and dot them around the trails.

With last week’s trail inspection of The Monkey turning up a damaged sign – Ian, Jez and the rest of the Pearson family saddled up and rode off to replace it. Personally, I think it was just an excuse to ride rather than dig ….. can’t blame them though!

The rest of the crew tooled up and headed off to continue work on Section ‘D’ – the singletrack climb we started on the last Big Build Day. Walking up what had already been dug on the BBD, it’s surprising just how much had been cut. Whilst Bruce, Liam, Phil, Steph and me carried on digging from where we’d left off last week, Martin started cutting a swath for us to follow.

A little later he came back with a suggestion to modify the original route. We discussed his ideas and it was seemed sound, especially as the existing flagging cut straight through a swampy area. After reflagging the trail, we called it a day and returned to inspect Dave’s impressive handiwork.