Starting at the end (Trail building – Sunday 27th February)

27 February, 2011 at 20:00

The last couple of Sundays has seen us making a start on much needed maintenance to section 11 of the Dog. The trails on the Chase suffer during hard winter frosts – the frost penetrates deep into the ground so when the top layer starts to defrost, the water trapped in the sandy surface has nowhere to go so hence turning into sloppy goo. The trail surface does recover has it dries out but we’re left with ruts and holes.

We started with resurfacing the end of the section which had suffered the worst after the area was clear felled in the autumn. We’ve had our eye on an area of road stone that had been laid for one of the stands at last year’s APF show. The plan was to retrieve this and lay it on the existing trail bed. So with that in mind, a few cleared the muck off the trails whilst others ferried the material back in a trailer.

After much extreme wheel barrowing, the results look quite impressive. The light coloured surface will so tone down after a few tyres have rolled over it.

Working our way back along the section, resorting the trail, we’ve got a few ideas to revamp what is a fairly unexciting section – watch this space!

The diversion will be in place for a few weeks so please follow the arrows. The results should be worth the wait ….