Toad and a few holes (Trail Building – Sunday 6th February)

6 February, 2011 at 22:00

Today, a few maintenance jobs were on the cards so Martin and I planned to sort those out while the rest of the crew soldiered on cutting new trail over on section D.
With several holes in the trail between the forestry bridge and plank bridge on section 6 needing attention, Martin trundled off with the wheelbarrow to get a few loads of surfacing material, while I scraped off the clag, cleared out the drainage gullies and tamped down Martin’s deliveries. As long as the rest of the winter weather remains favourable, these repairs should last awhile.

We’ve concluded that Alex likes to vent his frustrations wielding an axe … Petra had wisely opted for the easy route around a stump but no Alex decided it must come out saying the trail wouldn’t flow right. Shall we say it took him a while to beat the offending root into submission. In the mean time, Sally unearthed a friend … Mr Toad (or it could have been Ms Toad – we’re not sure how to tell the difference).

There was one last job for the maintenance crew – replace a missing waymarker post at the start of section 12, the clearfelled area below Marquis Drive. Even though the ground was a little stony, it didn’t take us long to have the post in and square – we’ve planted the odd post or twenty in the run up to opening The Monkey last year.

After that it was time to call it a day and “hit the urn” back at base.