Surfacing trials (Trailbuilding – Sunday 27th March)

27 March, 2011 at 19:00

No, that’s not a spelling mistake, it should read “trials” not “trails”. Over the last few weeks, the Forestry guys have acquired various types of surfacing materials for us to trial. The latest batch is crushed gritstone which they have dropped at various locations around the Dog. This will be used to repair areas which have suffered the worst over the winter. To make this material go further and to match the colour of the existing trails, we’ll mix it with the local “as dug” material. Section 11 on the Dog is our test area as this as probably suffered most. So, while half the group broke up the existing surface of section 11 and dug off the muddy stuff, others mixed the new material with a pile of surfacing material left over from when the section was built.

After some relatively tame wheel barrowing by our normal standards, several metres of trail were surfaced with the new mix ready for Martin in fire up the new wacker. It’s a serious beast compared with our old machine – twice the size and weighing in at a hefty 80kg. so it wasn’t long before he had billard table smooth finish.

While Martin was giving the worms headaches, the rest of the team headed to the start of the section to retreave several spans of boardwalk left over from the APF show. This will be used to bridge a boggy area of the trail and add a little spice to the section …