For one week only – Diversion at start of FtD

5 June, 2011 at 20:00

To eliminate the need to close the first section of ‘Follow The Dog’ when there are events on in the concert site at Birches Valley, we have built a new start to the trail. As you leave Swinnertons Cycles Forest Centre and head out under Go-Ape, instead of curving around to the top corner of the concert site, the new trail dives straight into the trees.

The original entrance has now been “returned to nature” and the newly built section linked into the existing trail. To allow the new trail surface a few days to settle before opening, we’ve diverted the trail along the fire road down to the bottom of the concert site where you turn right along another fire road before rejoining the single track. Fear not, you don’t miss out the best bits of this section and it’s only for a week.

The new start opens Saturday 11th June ….

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