Must be something in the water…

20 June, 2011 at 17:00

After a thoroughly enjoyable(?) time at Mountain Mayhem, Team Chase Trails finished 36th team of ten out of 49 – not bad since we only entered for the craic.

Things learnt the hard way :
– Do check out the course ahead of the race, especially if your first lap is at night.
– Bonty Mud X’s don’t work too well on wet roots.
– It’s not easy to run in SPD cycling shoes on wet grass.
– Sending your last rider out seconds before the 24 hour hooter bumps your team up the standings.
– Check your lights well before the event – a big thanks to the Hope boys for lending me a Vision 4 as the connector on mine went AWOL.

We must have been bitten by the bug as the Chase Trails Pixies and Trolls will be competing at ‘Sleepless in the Saddle’ in August …