National Lottery Awards Video Filming

8 September, 2011 at 09:23

Hopefully you’ll have seen the video we filmed for the national lottery awards (if not head over to the National Lottery Awards Website where you can watch the video and vote for Chase Trails at the same time.

The video was filmed in late July. We met up at lunchtime in the Treehouse. Abbey was our coordinator for the day and briefed everyone on what to wear and say. The crew split into two groups with half going to do some proper work building up on section 11 while the other half were filmed riding their bikes on the Steg. After numerous re-shoots (can you ride a little slower / can you stay together a bit more!) the film crew moved up to 11 to see what really happens on a Sunday morning. Real building was taking place as we finished a short section of boardwalk but there was also a bit of ‘staging’ as we looked over maps and randomly pointed at the trees. Martin showed off his chainsaw skills and was reluctantly interviewed.

Following this we went up to Upper Cliff for some more riding and interviews. Andy and Jason from the FC were interviewed while the rest of us admired the view. The day finished with the group shot by the birches valley trail header. “Should we yay or whoo???”

We all had a great day filming and the result is a really nice short film about what we do and what the Chase Trails Cycle Project is all about.