Not Tackeroo After All (Trail building – Sunday 11th September)

11 September, 2011 at 21:00

With the Forestry Discovery Day underway Chase Trails needed to staff our gazebo and encourage anyone in the vicinity to vote for us on the National Lottery Awards (still at Big thanks to Petra and Charlotte for their sterling work in engaging the passing public to vote and increasing our membership by two.

As we’re awaiting the go ahead to start the tweaks on Tackeroo, the decision was made to fill in the holes at the end of Section 10. It’s easy because we knew we had some surfacing material on hand to fill the holes with, clearly an important consideration in holesmanship.

With a “tooled up” trailer, off to Section 10 we headed. A quick set of diversion signs plus trail brashing as a hint to illiterate riders and it was sweep, hack, barrow, level, wack until all the final section of the trail through the trees looked like a billiard table, albeit a billiard table covered in gravel.

We were pleased to be joined by Jo, Isaac and Josh who despite all temptations seemed to enjoy themselves and put in a solid days graft of trail preparation and shifting surfacing. Robin and James returned and James brought Matt and all wielded picks with disturbing ferocity. Ian provided the technical expertise in moulding the running surface to his exacting standards (you would be surprised how much care goes into details you never see as you ride). Peter, Matt and Phil completed the surfacing party until Matt was detailed to join the rock group. We all want to be in a rock group when we’re young but in this case it was Dave, Jez and Bruce shifting boulders to finesse parts of Section 11 (the section that will not die). They armoured the log-step landings to prevent erosion.

And then we went home and had tea and said – I wonder if next week we’re going to start on the Werewolf Drops by-pass?