Trailbuilding Update

24 September, 2011 at 21:00

Just to keep readers informed, section 11 (that’s the one which has been closed for a tad over six months) will be reopened Sunday 2nd October as part of the day’s trail building activities.
Those of you who can remember far enough back to when it was previously open, the trail line hasn’t changed but just about the whole length of it has been dug up and re-laid using a number of different types of aggregate as an experiment to work out which is “best”. By that we mean which can cope with the rigors of winter and 100,000 + riders a year.
To spice things up, there are three boardwalks spanning the boggy areas, a section of small log steps to direct the water off the trail and a couple of rock steps.
We’ll brash the edges to encourage riders to stay on the surfaced trail and complete the last minute fettling before the tapes finally come down. Can’t say exactly when it will open but if you’re in the area stop and say “hello” – you never know, you may have the honour of being the first to ride this revamped section.