Will it Never End on Section 11? (Trailbuilding – Sunday 4th September)

4 September, 2011 at 21:00

Well actually yes! In fact it ended today with all that small scale fiddling about that stops you ever really getting your teeth into anything but which is absolutely vital to winding up the job properly. The usual Trail Crew were joined today by ride-in returnee Bruce (not to be confused with Bruce who is of course somebody completely different) and newcomers Danny, Jake and Robin who despite the piecemeal nature of the days efforts worked willingly and hard, making a significant impact on the day’s achievements. Our time was divided between resurfacing the worn-out start bits of the section so some of us had to go and ahem ‘recycle’ some spare gritstone to toughen up the usual trail surfacing material. Meanwhile others including Jez, James and Robin were preparing some interesting step features. What makes them interesting is these are UPHILL steps. You can’t say we don’t make your riding life varied. Then it was the cheery round of mixing, barrowing and spreading that makes Sundays fly by (no, honestly it does).

In another part of the forest something stirred and thundered into life – our trusty wacker. Martin and Steve took it in turns to compact the whole length of the trail, well the newly laid material. Now all we have to do is let nature take it’s course and weather the trail down to a durable riding surface, so please don’t jump the gun and try and ride it until it’s opened in a few weeks. It’ll just mean we have to keep it closed longer while we fix the damage you cause.

So what next I hear you cry! Current betting is that we’ll put in a blue grade by-pass to Werewolf drops and when it’s open use it as a diversion while we sort out the braking bumps leading into Werewolf. Why not come and join us for a day to make and mend the trails you love to ride. We need your help. In the meantime vote for us in the National Lottery awards at http://www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/awards/best-sport-project/141/