This Hole In The Ground … (Trailbuilding – Sunday 30th October)

30 October, 2011 at 22:00

Well this week was very much like last week except we’re all a week older. After a quick lurk at the urn, we set off to Tackeroo whilst quarrymen Dave, Steve and Martin carried on rock breaking. Along the trail, two Phils dug sump holes and drain channels while at the Roller dips Matt carried on enlarging the sump holes begun last week. We were delighted to welcome the return of Graham, the human JCB, who repeated his Olympic hole-digging record attempt. Meanwhile Bruce and Frank were filling the trailer with aggregate and transferring it to the top of the hill to be barrowed down and along the trail to reinforce the soft spots and a new low berm we added just because we felt like it. Vague but persistent mutterings are now heard about adding a boardwalk… will anything come of this or is it all just a rumour?

After some lovely cake supplied by Petra in honour of Bruce’s birthday, we retired to the tea urn to witness the engagement of Bruce to his new true love, an orange Transition Covert frame. We hope they’ll both be very happy together.

Remember that this coming Saturday (5th November), this year’s National Lottery Awards winners will be revealed – 9:30pm on BBC1. Will Chase Trails be proud but humble winners or a generous and gracious support act? Either way it’s a tremendous achievement to have made it to the final and see Rob looking smart.