Back to ‘roo (Trailbuilding – Sunday 4th December)

4 December, 2011 at 23:00

This week we were back on the last section of Tackeroo and in particular the Rollers and the two stump jumps beforehand.

Thanks to Bob the Digger Man, we had piles of surfacing material and rocks next to the trail which improves the speed we can work immensely. While rock splitting experts, Petra and Martin continued making light work of converting the big rocks into manageable slabs for Frank and Phil to surface the Rollers, “orginal” Bruce and Steve started making an interesting feature out of a massive slab. I’m not going to spoil the surprise but it should make for a novel start to the Rollers.

Meanwhile, Inga and James returned to help “new” Bruce, Dave, Jez and myself converted the existing stump jumps into sustainable features with suitably shape rock launch pads. The line of sight into the features was improved by removing a large mound.

The day’s building drew to a close much earlier than last week due to the inclement weather so after an urn stop, half the crew headed up to check out the Christmas tree sales area and in particular the hot pork baps – well worth a try!