Sounds like a winning Oscar speech… (Trail building – Big Build Day)

8 January, 2012 at 22:00

A big thank you to everyone who turned up on Sunday – a total of 38 volunteers helped turned several piles of material into a lovely smooth trail. Give this a few weeks to settle and it will turn into a rock hard surface similar to that of section 11 we reworked last year and hopefully last a little longer than the original trail surface. The Chase’s sand and gravel can’t cope with the popularity of our trails – many hundreds of tyres each weekend soon wears the surface away.

Also, thanks to the downhill boys for helping with slabbing the Rollers – Bob, Mick and Stu are seasoned experts when it comes to rock gardens. We just had to remind them not to be too extreme, after all you don’t see too many 8” downhill rigs on the Dog.

Another big thank you to Pauline and Derrick for feed the masses with jacket spuds and cake – the staple diet of a trail troll or pixie!

We’ll be back to this section over the coming weeks to dig a few more drainage sumps, finish the slabbing of the Rollers and completing the resurfacing. Please come along if you can – not only do you get to put something back into the trails you ride, there’s a free parking ticket valid for the whole day so why not ride afterwards …. we do.